Wednesday, February 17, 2010

strange little girl

24" x 18"

theme: Decomposition: This piece may have been influenced by a little trip to Betsey Johnson this afternoon. This aforementioned journey may very well also have been the influence behind the insipid anger at my shortcomings with finances. (And the fact that shortcomings do not produce archival rose-print cotton-spandex corsets to those afflicted. Hmmph). Which got me pondering my decaying, angry heart and the path upon which it is set to stop it’s rhythmic ticking, one day. But, not TOday and so TOday i painted this decaying bird-zombie Woman with whom i feel a very lovely and terrifying affiliation, in that flesh-rotting art-making delightful sort of way. You know?

Christyn M Hall is InkyBlackRaspberry

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